My Process (or How I Work)

My Mission

My mission is taking care of families by creating positive real estate experiences that bring security and prosperity. Over the years, I’ve focused on figuring out a formula for the Best Real Estate Experience possible.  I’ve created my own 9 Step Dvorak Real Estate Honour Code and have been following it ever since.

My mission, as your Real Estate Agent, is to offer you:

  1. clarity and guidance
  2. fun, easy, pain-free, simple process that you can understand
  3. focus on your best interest and what’s good for your family
  4. knowledgeable, authentic, caring *REAL* real estate agent
  5. no pressure and no drama
  6. professionalism, integrity, consistency in service
  7. proactive client management
  8. overall positive experience
  9. going the extra mile for you

How I work with Buyers

I usually start with “Sit-Talk-Search-Find-Analyze” process because I want to get to know you, find the best property for the best price for you and save you time and money. Many people spend a lot of time searching for properties on; however, due to its limited search function (for e.g., as of right now, you cannot find specific things such as whether the property has a backyard or the properties that have been upgraded/renovated only), it’s a time-consuming process to find the properties that exactly match your criteria.

When you are working with me, I will cut that time in more than half because I will be sending you exact matches that match your strict, narrow criteria that we will determine together. We will sit in my office, determine your narrow criteria and look at some listings together. After that, I will find and analyze the listings for you, so that means that you won’t be looking at 50 houses – you will be looking at 10-20 houses that are PERFECT for you, in YOUR ideal neighbourhood with YOUR IDEAL specifications.

Then we will go and actually physically look at them because sometimes the photos do not reflect the true character of the house and you truly need to walk into those walls to see if this property is *yours*. As your Realtor, I have access to almost every single property *except some foreclosures* that’s listed on MLS (that’s over 10,000 properties). That means that we can view 8-10 properties in one day!

One of the most important misconceptions is that people think that they have to pay a fee to the Realtor who is helping them buy a house. It is not true! When you are working with me, the fee is covered by the Sellers, so you do not have to worry about paying me anything. I am not sure how other agents operate, but in most cases, the buyer never pays anything to the Realtor for helping them buy a property.

So let me state this again: I guarantee you if you are working with me, you will not pay me anything – ever- when I am representing you in the purchase of your property (ANY TYPE of property). 

My Value Proposition: 

  • I save you time and money and do all the legwork for you (you enjoy your life and spend your valuable time doing things you love)
  • I show you all the properties you ever wanted to see in one weekend (or whatever works for you). You do not need to book anything or call anyone. I book everything for you and take care of all the scheduling. We meet, you receive a map of our route,  a folder with all the property details, and you follow my car. You do not need to print or bring anything for our tour but yourselves!
  • I guide you through the process, explain every single term to you, draft the contract and other various documents and negotiate the best price for you. You get the property of your dreams for the best price.
  • I take care of all the bookings for the property inspection, attend the actual property inspection, pre-possession walk-through appointment, attend the meeting with your lawyer (if you do not want me to be there, that’s fine too).
  • I can also help you with arranging the cleaning services, choosing appliances, appliances pick-up and removal, and many other.
  • I will never rush you, pressure you, or make you feel uncomfortable. I guarantee that. 
  • My goal is to make sure that there will never be a time when you are confused, lost and unsure of something. Every step of the way, I will work in your best interest and guide you every single step of the way. My goal is to remain your trusted agent for years to come. This will never happen unless I provide the highest level of service possible.
  • As this level of service takes a lot of time, I take on a limited number of clients per year in order to guarantee the best experience possible. 

How I work with Sellers

More to come.